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How it all started

It’s embarrassing now, but back in 1976, there was a show call “The Hardy Boys Adventures” on TV. It starred Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. Yes, they were cute. Yes, my friends and I all had major crushes on them. Of course, we started writing fan fiction, back before it was called fan fiction. Back then, we would never have dreamed of publishing our stories because they were a direct rip-off of something already copyrighted. I still have that story.

Shows came, and went, some inspired other stories. Eventually, I started making up my own stuff. Usually under 10,000 words, nothing major. I met a bunch of artists when I made my first website (no longer there- the web company went under) We started forums and decided the best way to challenge ourselves was to try challenging each other to create works based on themes. Those forums are gone, now, as are most of the artists that were present. They didn’t die, they just sort of drifted away.

Then blogging became more popular. My circle of influences became larger. I love that the internet is a place where you can interact with people from anywhere in the world. It broadens the possibilities. So, now, I still write offline, but my online activities help to bring a wider experience than I would have had if the internet hadn’t become a part of my life. I hadn’t realized until a few days ago that I had been a closet writer for so long. It was just something there that I didn’t think about very much until  someone asked the question.


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