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Success Through Adversity

If a person grows up with adversity, are they more likely to be successful as an adult?

Conversely, if a person has an easy childhood, are they more likely to fail as an adult?

I’ve been thinking about how some folks have horrible childhoods and grow up to not let anything stand in their way. Of course, I can also find examples of people who give up easily as adults, regardless of how their childhood was. I can also find examples of failed adults who had easy lives as children and successful adults who didn’t want for anything as a child.

So what exactly is it that drives a person to succeed as an adult? Is it just determination? Or maybe determination and luck?

Does growing up in poverty or abuse incline a person to be able to think outside the box more?

Does growing up happy mean you’re less likely to seek your own answers?

Does none of it matter and you will either succeed or fail depending on the opportunities presented to you and your willingness to take a risk?


One thought on “Success Through Adversity

  1. I think about this a lot too – there are definitely many examples of successful people who have difficult pasts. I feel like I had both a difficult and easy childhood – I had some horrible things happen in my family (murder, abuse, etc) but I also had a loving family who supported me unconditionally. So maybe it’s not so black and white? I think ultimately it comes down to a personal decision to work hard and make something of yourself…

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