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The Next Great Writer

I was looking at my stats on Good Reads tonight, and discovered almost all the authors in my top 10 are dead. The majority of the ones still alive are over 65. This caused me a moment’s sadness that soon the stories I know best will not be continued. There are authors I will never get enough of, just as there are some stories I hope will go on forever, even though I know they won’t.

It also caused me to wonder who’s great now? Who are the teens and 20-somethings reading now? I’ve looked in stores and online and have discovered I have no way to know if an author or a story is appealing to me, except for the five or so that get national attention. I’m afraid I’m still stuck in the last century. The only way I can tell if I like a story or author’s style is to open the book and read a few pages.

How do you decide what and who to read?


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