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Guest Author: Kerry A. Morgan

Today, I am interviewing Kerry A. Morgan, author of The Spirit Dragon trilogy and Astral Avenger. Books 1 and 2 of the trilogy are in print and available as e-books. She’s currently editing the third of the trilogy. Don’t forget to stop by her blog for a chance to win a free copy of The Spirit Dragon, at 












1. When writing horror, do you sometimes find it hard to maintain the proper tension?

Yes actually. I like horror that could be real, so I am still learning on how to keep that “omg what’s going to happen next” thing going on. Plus it’s really hard to think of something that hasn’t been done before.

2. Do you make up your characters, conflict, or world, first?

Usually I come up with a character first, then I put them in a situation- the “idea” then I create the world around the “Idea” I want to express.

3. How do you decide what to name your characters?

That is one of the hardest things to do, however, I name them like you would a baby- other times I think of their characteristics and just see what feel right- like when you meet someone and their name just “fits them” or you meet someone and you’re like wow they don’t look like a … So I try not to leave a character with that name that doesn’t fit-

4. What influenced your decisions for the world you created for The Astral Avenger?

Studying astral travel, and a very large feeling of wanting to right wrongs that can never be corrected. My background- I came from an abused marriage- when I came to NH, I had a very bad case of Battered women’s syndrome. At the time when I moved, everyone was just mad that I moved, and many didn’t believe that it had happened to me because I hid it so well. When I finally could talk about it and decided to leave- no one believed me. That’s where my anger came from. I wanted “vengeance” So I came up with a character who could astrally travel and kill for innocents that had been murdered and had no hope of justice. I am a very firm believer in Justice. 😉

4.b. Are there going to be any other mythos introduced into this series?

Oh yes, I’m working on the second book, and I’m highly considering taking the part where I am at, or just starting over- and using it for the next nanowrimo. It needs that much work- but it would get it done- I have a whole series in mind for that world.

Young Adult
5. What made you decide to focus on bullying?

As mentioned earlier, karate saved my life, my soul, my very mind. Coming from abuse- I know the shame, the need to hide it, the fear. I envisioned young adults- even women or men in situations like I was, and I wanted them to know there is help out there. Problem is that need to hide- so if they pick up one of my books, Say the Spirit Dragon, the first in the series, and they can relate to something, or it actually helps them… Then I have completed the goal.

6. How long have you been practicing Karate?

13 years. Uechi-Ryu is a sister style to the original karate kid movies. Mr. Miagi was best friends in real life with Mr. Uechi. Our styles are very similar.

7. Any plans to have your main character come back in a future novel to pass along his experience to the next generation?

I’m really thinking about that. I would venture a yes.

8. Are there other genres that you have tried?

I’ve written lots of poetry, and I try at horror, but that one needs some work I think. I really like urban fantasy. 😉

9. Who has influenced your love of writing?

Many authors, but really, my mother. She read to me and developed such a love of books within me that I wanted to make worlds and stories too. I wanted to be a part of that. Biggest dream for as long as I can remember is having a published work. 😉 I hope that someone reads to their child a book and it helps a love for reading as well. 😉

But for authors, Edgar Allan Poe, Laurell K Hamilton, JRR Tolkien, C S Lewis

9.b. Is there anything you would ask them of you could?

Where did they get the money to be able to go to the places they wrote about before they got famous. I know it’s silly, but I want to be able to write about places that I’ve never been so I am left with good earth and things like that. It helps- as well as the net- but being there would really give you the feeling of the area- So I write about NH and Wa state in my head. 😉 Two places I have lived. Wa stateis so diverse in climate I mean we have green lushness in the west, and the east is all brown and desert so you have lots to go with their. In NH you can go from the high mountains to the ocean in a single day- 😉

10. Is there anything you’d like to be asked, that usually isn’t asked?

I would like to promote my blog: http://mindfulmanipulation.wordpress.com

My web site: http://krymrgn.wix.com/krymrgn

And here is an excerpt from the first book, It includes the forward from the International Uechi-Ryu Federation President and 10 th Dan (degree) (he was a 9th at the time)

The Spirit Dragon:

~ Foreword ~

Bruce Lee is responsible for popularizing the martial arts

as an unarmed self-defense method. Thousands of prospective

students jammed into karate schools following “The Green

Hornet” TV series and films like “Enter The Dragon,” looking

to become instant fighting machines.

Although a dedicated group of practitioners continue to

work out on a regular basis, most of the interest lapsed with

the death of Bruce Lee and the realization that self defense

skills require lots of practice and hard work.

The second wave of karate interest was initiated by David

Carradine’s portrayal of a gentle monk, who was tutored in the

spiritual side of the martial arts. David’s character used his

skills in the same way as American Cowboy heroes helped the

weak and downtrodden in the old west. The TV series Kung-fu

also promoted the message that martial arts skills required

patience, dedication and respect.

This second theme was also prevalent in the “Karate Kid”

movies. Instead of the emphasis being placed on the fighting

ability of the student, the teacher uses karate as a tool for

building character and physical health. In the process, right

overcomes wrong and the hero wins the affection of his first


The Spirit Dragon continues in the “Karate Kid” tradition

with this enchanting novel. Readers will be able to identify

with the characters and for a few of us, the story will take us

back to our youth, where imaginary creatures were quite real.

George E. Mattson

9th degree Black Belt

Brockton, Massachusetts

Kerry Morgan


~ Prelude ~

The tiger padded through the forest, the tall evergreens’

gnarled branches dusting his white coat with pine needles and

barded cones, ready to litter the ground with age.

Soiled paws crunched the burnt orange and red leaves of

the dying hardwoods preparing for sleep. The little boy, four

feet tall if an inch, stood still, his hazel green eyes calm

revealing his relaxed demeanor.

As the beautiful beast approached, the little boy offered

his palm in friendship. The tiger nuzzled his cold black nose

within, purring deep. The vibrations reverberated through the

little boy’s heart inspiring tenderness. He questioned the tiger

with a spark in his eye as the tiger nudged his hand, trying to

move the little boy forward.

The child scratched the tiger’s ears and rubbed along his

flank, feeling the strong muscles beneath his white coat. He

fingered the dark chocolate stripes and felt the tiger’s joy

rumble. The tiger began to move and allowed him to guide his

own footsteps along the trail, fragrant with fresh loam and

morning dew.

The boy and creature traveled next to a river, radiant sun

gleaming with the waves of a gentle current. Every so often the

soothing sound of glacial waters crackled like laughter where

rocks gathered, forcing the fluid up and over like a carnival

roller coaster.

The little boy felt so happy and alive as the tiger’s sinew

rippled with strength beneath his hand. He longed to have

that kind of might in his own body.

Each step that the beast took was so sure and easy as they

continued their journey. The child’s steps were never so sure

and nothing about his life was easy. He wished he could be the

tiger, roaming through the forest, strong and proud.

Never to feel afraid of another predator, never to feel too

weak to protect itself. The little boy lived in fear; terror filling

his days, weakness permeating both his mind and body, for

predators surrounded him every day of his life.

The Spirit Dragon


The tiger stopped lifting his large head to gaze into his

eyes as if he knew exactly what the boy was thinking. They

were at the edge of the forest. Up ahead, the path continued

through a large meadow of emerald and jagged blades of grass

fluttering with the cool breeze of late autumn.

The footpath led directly to an immense stone castle, its

peaks and towers sparkling as if it were created with clear

quartz dipped in starlight.

The walls looked to be made of onyx, giving a foreboding,

ominous feel. A large wooden door held together with pointed

iron brackets guarded the fortress from intruders. The castle

was scary and the boy worried a monster would come charging

out to chase them away at any moment.

The tiger nudged him again as if to urge him further on,

his black eyes gazing out to the castle and back to him.

You want me to go out there?” the boy questioned with a

concerned look. The tiger responded with an encouraging

bump to his hip, causing fear to tremble his heart.

I don’t want to go out there, not without you, not alone!”

The tiger stared into the boy’s eyes, shining with animated

confidence. “Huh uh, no way! I can’t, I just can’t.”

The creature beside him dropped his ears, hanging his

head with clear disappointment. The little boy responded,

dropping to the ground to hug the tiger. He didn’t want to

make the tiger sad and lose his new found friend, but he just

couldn’t go to that big scary castle alone.

I’m so sorry, tiger. I’m too afraid,” he whimpered.

The tiger nuzzled the little boy’s face, his whiskers tickling

his tears. He turned away and walked back into the forest,

leaving him. The little boy sat there in the soil, feeling alone

and dismayed as ever.


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